Cabbage Salad (Instant Kimchi) – Baechu Gotchori


Cabbage Salad (Instant Kimchi) – Baechu Gotchori

Together with boiled rice, kimchi represents one of the basic dishes for Koreans. Kimchi is a kind of highly nutritious fermented food with unique flavor and taste. Kimchi features a mixture of vegetables, salted sauce, hot pepper and garlic well treated to create unique flavors. It varies according to individual liking and regional tradition.


Serving Size : 4
– Celery cabbage : 1 lb (450 g)
– Salt : 5 tbs
– Green onion, chopped : 2 tbs
– Garlic, chopped : 1 tb
– Ginger, chopped : 1/2 tb
– Hot pepper powder : 1/4 cup
– Soy sauce : 1 tb
– Sugar : 2 tbs
– Salted baby shrimps, chopped : 1 tb (available in Korean stores)
– Sesame seed, roasted : 1 ts
– Sesame oil : 1/2 ts


Step 1: 
Take off the cabbage leaves one by one and wash them thoroughly. Sprinkle salt evenly and
set aside 30 minutes.

Step 2: 
Chop the salted baby shrimps, green onion, garlic, and ginger finely.

Step 3: 
Wash the salted cabbage leaves and drain them well. Tear them lengthwise in proper size by

Step 4: 
Put all seasonings in a bowl. Mix them well by hand, using rubber gloves. Add the torn leaves and mix them well together. Transfer it to a serving bowl.

Food: Cabbage Salad (Instant Kimchi) – Baechu Gotchori

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