Houmous bil erfeh lahem Lebanese Foods 

Houmous bil erfeh lahem

Houmous bil erfeh lahem Houmous bil erfeh lahem This is a fresh version of hummus without the strong flavor of the sesame that comes from the tahini. There are a number of variations of hummus: some are smooth; others have a more coarse texture. This one uses dried chilies and cayenne pepper to give a great warmth that works very well with the fried lamb and the other spices. Alternatively, leave out the spices and add lots of freshly chopped parsley and cilantro instead. It can be served without the…

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Lahem bil ajine Lebanese Foods 

Lahem bil ajine

  Lahem bil ajine Lahem bil ajine 3Place all the ingredients for the dressing in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, add 1 tbsp water, and shake to blend thoroughly. Pour over the salad, and garnish with the toasted sesame seeds.aThese are a delicious floppy sort of pizza or open-faced pie. Lamb is traditionally used, but you could also use beef. You could also make a vegetarian version with lots of sautéed mushrooms. Much smaller in size than an Italian pizza, you would generally buy a few of these…

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Fatayer bisabanikh

Fatayer bisabanikh Fatayer bisabanikh These triangular pastries have remained unchanged for centuries. Variations of this would have been made in the Levant region at the time of the crusades. In the days when everyone baked their own bread, the home cook would make enough dough for the whole week’s worth of bread and these savory pastries. Fillings vary hugely from spinach or chard, to mushroom, cheese, or lamb, and can be spiked with spices or be quite plain. The same dough is used for small crescent-shaped pastries, called “samboosak,” which…

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Fattoush Fattoush Fattoush is a marvelous combination of simple flavors and textures that creates a result that is much more than the sum of its parts. Eaten at any time of day, It is often enjoyed as part of a mezze or accompanying grilled meat, kebabs, or chicken, or some fried falafel. It is a great way of using up stale pita bread. The drier the bread, the more juice it absorbs. In Lebanese cooking lots of fresh herbs are used; this salad is no exception. Fresh and healthy, fattoush…

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