Luz biskwi Moroccan Foods 

Luz biskwi

Luz biskwi Luz biskwi These simple-to-make little biscuits work very well with a strong cup of coffee or some fresh mint tea. The flavor combination of cardamom, orange flower water, and roasted nuts is very emotive of the Middle East and conjures up images of spice markets, silks, and artifacts. These treats are delicious with a cream- or milk-based dessert such as panna cotta or Turkish rice pudding. You could use a different sort of nut such as pistachios or hazelnuts, and cinnamon or nutmeg can be substituted for the…

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Shawi ras el hanut ghanmi Moroccan Foods 

Shawi ras el hanut ghanmi

  Shawi ras el hanut ghanmi Shawi ras el hanut ghanmi This spice mixture bears similarities to a tandoor recipe from India and demonstrates the way in which ingredients follow much the same migration patterns as people, as well as displaying the influences that have passed from one part of the Muslim world to another. If you grind the spices yourself from whole, you achieve a much more aromatic result. Buy an electric coffee grinder just for spices. You can then grind your spices in order to make your own…

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Qesbur sharmula hut

Qesbur sharmula hut Qesbur sharmula hut From Turkey to Morocco, the people of the countries bordering the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean eat a great deal of fish, often cooked whole. Freshly cooked fish is a very popular dish at street stalls and markets. Often the ovens, grills, and hot charcoal are only yards from the fish markets, or the water’s edge itself. This simple recipe can be used for any whole fish, whatever the size. It works just as well with a sea bass or snapper, fresh-caught mackerel or plump…

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Shlada al falfla hamra al khizzou Moroccan Foods 

Shlada al falfla hamra al khizzou

  Shlada al falfla hamra al khizzou Shlada al falfla hamra al khizzou This is a deliciously simple and effective salad that I had at a small stall in Marrakesh. Some grilled chicken marinated with harissa accompanied it. This salad has got so much going on in the dressing, and yet all your taste buds are stimulated in unison. There are also lots of different textures. The juicy oranges contrast with the crisp carrot and crunchy sesame seeds. Serve with simple grilled and roasted meats, or with something more complex.…

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Harira Moroccan Foods 


  Harira Harira During the Muslim fast of Ramadan you are allowed to eat only after the sun has gone down, and you also eat little or no meat. As a result there are lots of substantial vegetarian dishes, such as this bean soup, that are sold at the food stalls and in the night markets after the sun has set. You can use any combination of dried beans, lentils, or chickpeas for this hearty soup, as well as different blends of spices. The flavors improve over 24 hours, blending…

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