Ablama Syrian Foods 


  Ablama Ablama I had these delicious spiced zucchini in a small café in Damascus in Syria. They are definitely worth the bit of fuss that is needed to make them. The key is to get small firm zucchini at the beginning of the season, as opposed to massive watery ones that are mostly seeds inside. There is also an alternative preparation method. Simply cut the zucchini in half lengthwise, then scrape out all the seeds using a small spoon. Each half is then stuffed with the filling. The zucchini…

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Lohz Spiced roast almonds Syrian Foods 

Lohz Spiced roast almonds

  Lohz Spiced roast almonds Lohz Spiced roast almonds Nuts and seeds feature in many dishes throughout the Levant and along the North African coast, from mezze and snacks, to main courses and desserts. With each nut stall or trader come family recipes and spice mixes passed down over generations. In the scented passages of the souk in Damascus I happened upon an ingenious portable nut stall that was a customized bicycle. At the front where a basket would have been was a flat hotplate heated underneath with charcoal. This…

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Salatet bil s’banegh joz Syrian Foods 

Salatet bil s’banegh joz

  Salatet bil s’banegh joz Salatet bil s’banegh joz This is another deliciously simple mezze that could be eaten at the beginning of the meal with other dishes to follow. What often happens when eating in this way in the Middle East is that the small dishes and plates stay on the table, even when the next course of meat arrives. It is a seamless, continuous flow of food arriving at the table. This dish is a perfect combination of flavors and textures—the sourness of pomegranate and yogurt complement the…

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