Kofte kebab Turkish Foods 

Kofte kebab

  Kofte kebab Kofte kebab I had this fantastic variation of a spicy kofte, or kofte kebab, in the spring in Istanbul. I ate them in view of the mighty Bosphorus. The rich, juicy meat was very well spiced with cumin and paprika, and studded throughout with bright green pistachios. When you cut into the meat, the nuts glistened like shining jewels. The kebabs here are smaller than the traditional long kofte kebab, so you may want to use short bamboo skewers. Or simply make small meatballs if you prefer,…

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Kebab b’il karaz

Kebab b’il karaz Kebab b’il karaz This dish is an unusually striking combination of flavors that makes your taste buds tingle. It works well with something quite neutral in taste because it is very rich. It hails from an area of Turkey in the south, near the Aleppo region in Syria. I have had variations of this in both Turkey and Syria. When I first had these meatballs, they came at the end of a vast meal, yet room was made on the table and in our stomachs. The sizzling…

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