Goi bun Vietnamese Foods 

Goi bun

Goi bun Goi bun Goi bun Salad of roast pork with cucumber and sesame seeds This Vietnamese salad works particularly well if some of the ingredients are still warm, such as the pork and the dressing, or the sesame seeds. There is a brilliant contrast between different textures, as well as flavors. The dressing provides heat from the chili; the fish and soy sauces provide the salt; and the vinegar, lime juice, and lemongrass provide the sour. All these flavors work very well with the crisp textures of the cucumber…

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Banh tom – Hanoi prawn cakes Vietnamese Foods 

Banh tom – Hanoi prawn cakes

Banh tom – Hanoi prawn cakes Banh tom – Hanoi prawn cakes In the center of Hanoi there is a series of lakes, with ancient pagodas and monuments that are captivating at any time of the day. At 5:30 in the morning, the lakeshore is packed with Hanoi residents doing tai chi and other morning exercises. On the weekend, the lakes are a popular destination for families who come to admire the pagodas at sunset and eat banh tom. I counted about ten outside cafés that were selling exactly the…

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Goi du du Vietnamese Foods 

Goi du du

  Goi du du Goi du du Green unripe mango and papaya are used to spectacular effect all over Southeast Asia. They are used like a vegetable, providing a crisp sour quality. If they are not available, use a combination of shredded cucumber, crisp lettuce, and some crisp, tart apple cut into thin slices. Variations of this salad are available from all manner of stalls and cafés in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Northern Malaysia, and Singapore. You can also make it with prawns, scallops, or grilled white fish, or perhaps…

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Cari do bien Vietnamese Foods 

Cari do bien

Cari do bien Cari do bien Vietnam has nearly two thousand miles of coast, and huge river deltas—the Mekong, the Perfume River, and the Red River. Fish, shellfish, and anything that swims or lives near water are an essential part of Vietnamese life and make up a large percentage of the Vietnamese diet. This rustic fisherman’s stew has a depth of complex flavors. You can use any combination of fish and shellfish. You could also make a vegetarian curry by substituting the fish with fresh seasonal vegetables of your choice.…

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Cha gio Vietnamese Foods 

Cha gio

  Cha gio Cha gio Vietnamese spring rolls are very delicate compared to other Asian varieties. They should be about the length of a man’s index finger and just a little wider. They are served with a dipping sauce and a bowlful of aromatic herbs such as cilantro, mint, and Thai basil (which has a licorice or aniseed flavor), as well as other lemony and peppery leaves. To eat, take the fried spring roll, wrap it in a couple of leaves, and dip it into the hot, salty, and sour…

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Goi cuon Vietnamese Foods 

Goi cuon

  Goi cuon Goi cuon Summer rolls are eaten all over Vietnam at small cafés, roadside restaurants, and stalls. Quite different from fried spring rolls, they are a refreshing burst of flavors and textures. Excellent as a snack or canapé, or at the start of a larger meal, they come in many different seasonal and regional variations. Texture is very important in Vietnamese cooking and, with the firm prawns, tender crabmeat, and crisp fresh vegetables and herbs, you have everything going on in one contained mouthful. They are so juicy…

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Rice Rice Rice is the staple food in much of Asia, but cooks in different countries may prefer different types of rice and use slightly different cooking techniques. For example, this is a recipe for Japanese short-grain rice However, long-grain rice is more popular for most dishes in China, Vietnamese diners prefer extra-long grain, and Thai cooks almost always choose jasmine rice.Ingredients – 2 c. short-grain white rice, uncooked.– 2½ c. cold water. Instructions Step 1:Wash rice in a pan with cold water and drain in a sieve. Repeat until…

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Vietnamese caramel trout

Vietnamese caramel trout Vietnamese caramel trout A caramel base is a cornerstone for savoury Vietnamese cooking – it balances out the other hot and salty ingredients and creates a deeply flavoured sauce. Ingredients SERVES 2 – 20 minutes – 50g/2oz golden caster sugar. – 1 tbsp Thai fish sauce. – 1 red chilli, finely sliced. – large knob ginger, peeled and finely sliced. – 2 rainbow trout fillets, skin on. – 2 heads pak choi, halved. – juice ½ lemon. – a few coriander leaves, to garnish. – steamed rice,…

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Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Vietnamese Noodle Salad Vietnamese Noodle Salad This light and fresh Asian salad filled with cucumber, carrot and bean sprouts is a tangy side dish for grilled meats and poultry or eaten as a main dish on its own. Ingredients – 12 ounces thin Asian vermicelli noodles such as rice stick or mung bean. – 2 carrots, shredded. – 2 cucumbers, seeded and shredded. – 4 green onion, chopped. – 1½ cups fresh bean sprouts. – ⅓ cup chopped cilantro. – ½ cup fish sauce. – ½ cup seasoned rice vinegar.…

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Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad / Trai cay Vietnam s many varieties of fresh fruit are popular offerings to the ancestors on festive occasions.A light dressing adds extra flavor to this simple dish.Fresh fruit salad is as delicious as it is colorful. It makes a great snack or a perfect dessert forany meal! For a little extra color, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Ingredients Serves 6– 6 servings of fresh fruit*– ⅔ c. lime juice– 3 tbsp. honey– ½ tsp. sesame oil– 1 tsp. ground cinnamon pinch of salt Instructions Step 1:Cut fruit into bite-sized…

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