Celeriac Rémoulade


Celeriac Rémoulade

Celeriac Rémoulade
Celeriac Rémoulade

Given its appearance, it is no surprise that American cooks haven’t experimented much with this subtle-tasting root vegetable. Also known as celery root, it is covered with various tuberlike growths and irregularities that seem strangely malevolent to some observers. The texture is reminiscent of a turnip, but the flavor is like celery, though more delicate and somehow more satisfying. It can be braised or roasted, but one of the most delightful ways to serve it is to cut it into thin matchsticks and toss them with mayonnaise. The name of this recipe is confusing, since it is not made with the classic French rémoulade sauce—mayonnaise flavored with shallots and herbs—but with a plain mayonnaise and extra mustard.

– 1 celeriac.
– 1 to 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice.
– 1 cup Basic Mayonnaise.
– 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard, or more to taste.
– Salt.
– Pepper.
– 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley.


Step 1:Peel the celeriac with a knife and then cut it in half lengthwise. Working with one half at a time, place it flat side down on a vegetable slicer, and cut it into slices about as thick as a quarter. Stack 2 or 3 slices and cut the stack the same width. Repeat until all the slices are cut, place the sticks in a bowl, and toss with the lemon juice.
Step 2:In a small bowl, stir together the mayonnaise and the 2 tablespoons mustard and season with salt and pepper. Taste and adjust with more mustard if needed. Pour the sauce over the celeriac, add the parsley, and stirto mix. Taste and adjust with more salt and pepper if needed.

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