Creamy crab & pea pasta


Creamy crab & pea pasta

Creamy crab & pea pasta
Creamy crab & pea pasta

Fresh crab is a real treat, and its delicate flavour means it needs very little cooking – just tossing the crabmeat through fresh pasta is enough to heat it through.


SERVES 4 – 15 minutes

– 400g/14oz spaghetti.

– 200g/8oz fresh or frozen peas.

– 300g/10oz fresh crabmeat.

– 5 tbsp reduced-fat crème fraîche.

– 1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped.

– handful parsley leaves, chopped.

– zest 1 lemon, juice ½ lemon.


Step 1:
Boil a large pan of salted water, tip in the pasta, then cook for about 7 minutes. Add the peas, then cook for 2–3 minutes more until both are cooked through.

Step 2:
Drain in a colander, reserving a little cooking water, then tip the pasta and peas back into the pan with the crabmeat and crème fraîche. Stir well with the remaining ingredients, reserving a little chilli, parsley and lemon zest to garnish. Add some pasta cooking water if the mixture seems dry.

Step 3:
Serve sprinkled with the remaining chopped chilli, parsley and lemon zest.

Note : PER SERVING 512 kcals, protein 31g, carbs 81g, fat 10g, sat fat 3g, fibre 5g, sugar 5g, salt 0.83g

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