Crepes with Strawberries – Crêpes aux Fraises


Crepes with Strawberries – Crêpes aux Fraises

Crepes with Strawberries – Crêpes aux Fraises

Crepes are an old standby in France. Not just for dessert, crepes can also be made with unsweetened batter and wrapped around ingredients such as veggies and cheese to provide a filling main dish.

– Preparation time: 45 minutes.
– Cooking time: 10 to 15 minutes.
– Makes 10 to 12 crepes.
– Crepe batter:.
– 2 eggs.
– ½ c. all-purpose flour.
– 1 tbsp. sugar.
– ½ c. milk.
– ⅛ c. water.
– ½ tbsp. melted butter.
– Filling:.
– 3 c. fresh, sliced strawberries*.
– ⅓ c. granulated sugar.
– 8 oz. (1 c.) cottage cheese.
– 8 oz. (1 c.) sour cream.
– ½ c. powdered sugar.


Step 1:Beat eggs in a bowl. Add a little bit of the flour and sugar. Use an electric mixer or whisk to combine. Then add a little bit of the milk and water. Mix. Repeat until all of the flour, sugar, milk, and water have been added. Then beat with a whisk or electric mixer until smooth.
Step 2:Beat in melted butter.
Step 3:Chill batter at least 1 hour. In the meantime, combine strawberries and granulated sugar. Set aside.
Step 4:Beat cottage cheese in a blender or with an electric mixer until smooth. Add sour cream and powdered sugar and stir well.
Step 5:When batter is chilled, heat a crepe pan on medium-high heat. Pour batter into the pan as you would to make a pancake. Swirl batter to coat the entire bottom of the pan and cook for about 2 minutes, or until the bottom of the crepe is firm.
Step 6:Use a fork to gently lift crepe from pan. Quickly flip the crepe over and cook for 1 minute, or until crepe just starts to brown. Remove to a plate and repeat with remaining batter.
Step 7:Use about ⅔ of fruit and creamy mixture to fill crepes. Fold crepes over. Top with remaining fruit and creamy mixture, or top with fruit and powdered sugar.

Note : These crepes can easily be filled with other kinds of fresh fruit. Try using 3 c. of blueberries or sliced peaches instead of strawberries.

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