Deep-fried bean curd rolls with prawns


Deep-fried bean curd rolls with prawns

The crispy exterior is a good contrast to the soft delicious filling of wellmarinated seafood. These rolls can be eaten as a snack or as part of a
main meal with rice


– Prawns (shrimp) 300 g (101/2 oz)
– Squid paste 100 g (31/2 oz)
– Water chestnut 20 g (2/3 oz), peeled and diced
– Carrot 10 g (1/3 oz), peeled and diced
– Coriander (cilantro) 10 g (1/3 oz), chopped
– Salt 2 g (1/15 oz)
– Chicken powder 2 g (1/15 oz)
– Sugar 7 g (1/5 oz)
– Potato starch 7 g (1/5 oz)
– Ground white pepper a dash
– Sesame oil a dash


Step 1: 
Cut bean curd sheet into smaller sheets, each about 20 x 15 cm (8 x 6 in). Set aside.

Step 2:
Prepare filling. Shell and de-vein prawns. Wash and drain well before processing into a paste in a blender. Mix in squid paste and seasoning ingredients.

Step 3: 
Add the rest of the filling ingredients and mix well.

Step 4: 
Lay a sheet of trimmed bean curd skin on a clean flat surface. Spoon filling along the lower edge of bean curd skin and roll up the filling into a long and slightly flattened cylinder. Repeat until all ingredients are used up. Steam for 7 minutes over high heat.

Step 5: 
Cut each steamed roll into six equal pieces.

Step 6: 
Coat each piece with potato starch and deep-fry until golden brown.

Step 7: 
Serve immediately with sweet dark soy sauce.

Food: Deep-fried bean curd rolls with prawns

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