Deep-fried prawn dumplings


Deep-fried prawn dumplings
Similar to deep-fried wonton, these dumplings get a western touch with a garnishing of mayonnaise, which makes a pleasant dip for these deep-fried snacks.


Makes 20–25 pieces
– Seafood paste (see page 110) 320 g (111/3 oz)
– Wonton skin 30 sheets
– Cooking oil for deep-frying
– Mayonnaise for garnishing


Step 1:
Spoon about 1 tsp seafood paste at the centre of a wonton skin. Fold wonton skin over the fi lling to get a triangle. Press gently to seal the opening. Pleat the edges, nipping each pleat to further seal the dumpling. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.

Step 2:
Heat oil in a wok. Deep-fry dumplings until golden brown.

Step 3:
Garnish with mayonnaise and serve immediately.

Food: Deep-fried prawn dumplings

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