Egg Pancake/Kye Ran P’aen K’ek


Egg Pancake/Kye Ran P’aen K’ek
This easy-to-make garnish is used to add the “something yellow” to many Korean dishes, from fried rice to meat and vegetable stir-fries. It also adds a little healthful protein.


        1 egg

        1 tsp. vegetable oil, or vegetable oil spray.


Step 1:
Break egg into a cup and beat with fork or small whisk until all one color.

Step 2:
Put oil into small skillet and heat over low-to-medium heat.

Step 3:
Pour in beaten egg and tilt the pan back and forth to make an even layer. Cook until a circle of egg (called a pancake) forms, then turn to fry second side. Pancake should stay golden. If it browns, heat is too high.

Step 4:
Remove pancake to plate. Roll up and cut into slices ¼-inch wide. Use egg pancake strips atop any dish.

Food: Egg Pancake/Kye Ran P’aen K’ek

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