Lemongrass sticks


Lemongrass sticks

Infused with the subtle citrus flavour of lemongrass, this aromatic blend of meat and seafood is an appetising snack.


Makes about 25 pieces
– Lemongrass 6 stalks
– Cooking oil for deep-frying
– Prawns (shrimp) 200 g (7 oz)
– Minced pork 200 g (7 oz)
– Squid paste 200 g (7 oz)
– Water chestnut 50 g (12/3 oz), peeled and diced
– Chopped spring onion (scallion) 15 g (1/2 oz)
– Carrot 15 g (1/2 oz), peeled and diced
– Potato starch 10 g (1/3 oz)
– Salt 7 g (1/5 oz)
– Chicken powder 7 g (1/5 oz)
– Sugar 15 g (1/2 oz)
– Cooking oil 10 ml (1/3 fl oz)
– Five spice powder a dash
– Sesame oil a dash


Step 1: 
Prepare fi lling. Shell and de-vein prawns. Wash and drain well before processing into a paste in a blender.

Step 2: 
Add minced pork and mix well, then mix in squid paste. Mix until a sticky paste is formed.

Step 3: 
Mix in remaining filling ingredients.

Step 4: 
Add seasoning ingredients and mix well. Set aside.

Step 5: 
Trim away the lower bulb of each lemongrass stalk, then cut into 6-cm (21/2-in) long strips.

Step 6: 
With a spoon ready in one hand, dampen the other hand with some water. Use the damp hand to gather some fi lling and lightly squeeze out a ball of filling. Scoop the ball of filling with the spoon and set it aside. Repeat until filling is used up.

Step 7: 
Wrap each ball of fi lling around a lemongrass strip, leaving half of the strip exposed. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.

Step 8: 
Heat oil in a wok. Deep-fry lemongrass sticks until golden brown.

Step 9: 
Serve immediately.

Food: Lemongrass sticks

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