Oyster Pan Fry


Oyster Pan Fry

Oyster Pan Fry
Oyster Pan Fry

This is really a stew more than a panfry—a panfry involves fat and high heat—but the name sticks because of the famous panfry at the oyster bar in New York City’s Grand Central Station, where you can feast on dozens of oyster varieties, raw and cooked. Oysters pack so much flavor that this dish requires nothing more than oysters, cream, and a grind of fresh pepper. Some people may want to have soda crackers available as a crunchy counterpoint or for crumbling into the dish, while others prefer crusty French bread. Or, you can serve croutons for sprinkling on top.


– 2 dozen oysters, preferably from the north Atlantic or Pacific, shucked.

– ¼ cup white wine or beer.

– 1 cup heavy cream.

– Salt.

– Pepper.

– Soup Croutons, soda crackers, or French bread.


Step 1:
Open, rinse, and shuck the oysters into a small sauté pan, put over medium heat, and pour over the wine. When froth begins to form around the edges of the liquid, lightly swirl the pan on the burner to cook the oysters evenly, until they begin to curl around the edges.

Step 2:
Add the cream and bring to a simmer—the liquid should have the consistency of a light soup—and season with salt and pepper. Take the pan off the heat. Let the oysters sit in the sauce for 1 minute to warm them, and then transfer them to warmed soup plates. Pass the croutons at the table.

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