Raspberry Sauce/Rødsaus


Raspberry Sauce/Rødsaus
Raspberry Sauce (Rød Saus), which is delicious and easy to make, but I always add frozen raspberries to the sauce, as well. I usually bring tons of packets with me when I come back from Norway.


        1 10-oz. package frozen raspberries (with syrup), thawed

        ½ c. apple or currant jelly

        1 tbsp. cold water

        1½ tsp. cornstarch.


Step 1:
In a saucepan, bring raspberries (with syrup) and jelly to a boil. Turn off heat.

Step 2:
Combine water and cornstarch in a bowl. Then stir mixture into raspberries.

Step 3:
Return to a boil, stirring constantly.

Step 4:
Boil and stir for 1 minute.

Step 5:
Serve warm sauce on top of cold rice pudding.

Food: Raspberry Sauce/Rødsaus

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