Smoky bacon pot noodle for one



Smoky bacon pot noodle for oneThere’s no excuse not to cook when you can get this ready in just 7 minutes. It’s high in fibre and low in fat too – not many ready-made snacks can boast that!


Takes 7 minutes • Serves 1 (easily doubled)
– 1 rasher smoked back bacon, trimmed of fat and chopped
2 spring onions, finely sliced (white and green parts kept separate)50g/2oz frozen peas¼ tsp paprika2 tsp cornflour200ml/7fl oz vegetable stock150g block straight-to-wok wheat noodlesa splash of Worcestershire sauce


Step 1:
In a small non-stick pan, fry the bacon for a few minutes, add the white parts of the spring onions, the peas and paprika, then cook for 1 minute more.

Step 2:
Meanwhile, mix the cornflour with a little of the stock to get a paste, then stir this into the pan with the rest of the stock, the noodles and a good splash of Worcestershire sauce. Simmer for a couple of minutes until thick and saucy, then scatter with the green parts of the spring onions.

Food: Smoky bacon pot noodle for one

• Per serving 356 kcalories, protein 15g, carbohydrate 68g, fat 5g, saturated fat 1g, fibre 8g, sugar 4g, salt 1.29g

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