Soup dumplings


Soup dumplings – xiao long bao

This recipe for the famous soup dumplings, or xiao long bao, is a version from the
southern Chinese. Unlike soup dumplings from the northern parts, the pleats are less
defi ned and there is not as much soup within these dumplings.


Makes about 30 pieces
– Carrot 1, peeled and sliced into thin rounds
– Chopped spring onion (scallion) 10 g (1/2 oz)
– Cooking oil 1 Tbsp
– Gelatin mixture
– Concentrated chicken stock 20 ml (2/3 fl oz)
– Boiling water 300 ml (10 fl oz / 11/4 cups)
– Gelatin powder 20 g (2/3 oz)

Meat filling
– Minced pork 300 g (101/2 oz)
– Oyster sauce 1 tsp
– Potato starch 5 g (1/6 oz)
– Salt a pinch
– Chicken powder 3 g (1/10 oz)
– Sugar 10 g (1/3 oz)
– Sesame oil a dash
– Ground white pepper a dash
– Ginger juice 1/2 tsp

– Hong kong flour 100 g (31/2 oz)
– Bread flour 100 g (31/2 oz)
– Potato starch 100 g (31/2 oz)
– Salt a dash
– Cooking oil a dash
– Water 100 ml (31/3 fl oz)


Step 1: 
Prepare gelatin mixture. Mix stock with water in a saucepan. Add gelatin powder and bring to a boil. Set aside to cool.

Step 2: 
In a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients for meat filling. Cover with cling film and leave to marinate for about 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Step 3: 
Meanwhile, blanch carrot rounds in boiling water. Set aside.

Step 4: 
Add gelatin mixture to meat filling. Mix in spring onion and oil. Set aside.

Step 5: 
Combine dough ingredients. Mix well until a smooth dough is formed.

Step 6: 
On a fl oured surface, roll dough into a long cylinder. Cut dough into 30 equal pieces. Using a rolling pin, roll out each piece into thin dough rounds.

Step 7: 
Spoon combined meat and gelatin fi lling onto each dough round. Pleat to seal up fi lling. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.

Step 8: 
Arrange carrot rounds onto steamer. Place a dumpling on top of each carrot round. Steam for 5 minutes over high heat. Serve immediately

Food: Soup dumplings

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