Stuffed-Cucumber Pickle


Stuffed-Cucumber Pickle


Serving Size : 4
– Cucumber : 10 (6 oz each)
– Leek : 2 oz
– Hot pepper powder : 1/2 cup
– Green onion : 1 stalk
– Garlic : 4 cloves
– Ginger : 1 piece
– Salted baby shrimps, chopped : 1 tb (available in Korean stores, optional) 
– Salt


Step 1: 
Wash the cucumbers scrubbing with salt. Cut them into 2 inches long. Make a crosswise cut
about 1.5 inches deep in each piece.

Step 2: 
Dissolve 4 tablespoonfuls of salt in 4 cups of water. Soak the cucumbers for about 30 minutes
in the salted water. Squeeze them with gauze or paper towel to drain water thoroughly.

Step 3: 
Wash and cut the leeks 1 inch long.

Step 4: 
Crush garlic. Chop green onion, ginger, and salted baby shrimps.

Step 5: 
Put the hot pepper powder, leeks, green onion, garlic, ginger, salted baby shrimps, and salt in
a large bowl. Mix them well by hand, using rubber gloves.

Step 6: 
Stuff each cucumber piece with the mixture. Place them neatly in a jar. Put the remaining
stuffing on the them.

Step 7: 
Keep in a cool place for one day, then serve.

Food: Stuffed-Cucumber Pickle

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