Sweet Rice Nectar – Sikhye


Korean tradition dictates that shikhye, a slightly fermented rice nectar should be drunk during the winter. But nowadays it can be found all the year round. The key to its flavor is a good quality barley malt which gives it much sweetness.

Sweet Rice Nectar – Sikhye


Serving Size : 15
– Barley malt, dried and pounded barley germ (yotkirum) : 14 oz (400 g, available in Korean stores)
– Rice : 1 3/4 lbs (800 g)
– Sugar and ginger to taste
– Pine nuts
– Water


Step 1: 
Put the malt in a big bowl with 4 liters of water and scrub with the hands to make enough
powder for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: 
Sieve and discard the remnant and keep still the water for about 30 minutes until clean water
is produced.

Step 3:
Hard-boil the rice. Pour the clean water above mentioned onto the hard-boiled rice fully;
ferment for about 5~6 hours until 3~5 grains of the rice float to the top of the water in an electric
rice cooker(of ‘warm’ button).

Step 4: 
Put together the fermented and the clean water left over into a big kettle or pot and add sugar
and ginger to taste; boil for 15~20 minutes.

Step 5: 
Serve cold shikhye with some of the cooked rice grains and pine nuts floating in it.

Food: Sweet Rice Nectar – Sikhye

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