The word taco actually means “snack” in Spanish, but this word is used for one dish in particular. A taco is a sandwichlike snack made with tortillas, a meat or bean filling, garnish, and spicy sauce.You may find taco shells, or folded and fried tortillas, in U.S. supermarkets, but you won’t find them in Mexico. Mexicans do sometimes fry tacos, filling and all, and then eat the snacks while still hot.


        6 7-inch corn tortillas

        1¼ c. filling, such as shredded chicken or refried beans

        Shredded lettuce

        Chopped tomatoes

        Grated Monterey Jack cheese

        Bottled salsa or homemade salsa cruda.


Step 1:
Place about 3 tbsp. of filling and desired garnishes (lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese) on each tortilla.* Pass sauce so that everyone can help themselves.
*Green and red peppers, pimentos, onions, and kidney beans are delicious additions to any kind of taco.

Step 2:
To eat the taco, fold the tortilla over the filling and pick the bundle up with your fingers.

Food: Tacos

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