Tomato and lemon marmalade


Tomato and lemon marmalade

Tomato and lemon marmalade
Tomato and lemon marmalade

This simple marmalade can readily be made with red tomatoes, but use either yellow or brown ones if you have them. It will keep for up to 1 year if stored in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening.


Makes about 3lb (1.5kg)

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 1½ hours

– 5 large unwaxed lemons, zest peeled and cut into long, thin strips.

– 2lb (1kg) tomatoes, peeled, cored, and cut into quarters.

– 2lb (1kg) granulated sugar.


Step 1:
Put the lemon strips in a small saucepan with a little water to cover. Simmer for 15 minutes, or until soft. Remove from the heat and set aside.

Step 2:
Cut the peeled lemons in half, and squeeze out all the juice, keeping any seeds. Set the juice aside. Scoop out any remaining flesh, and put in a glass or stainless steel bowl with the reserved seeds. Scoop out the seeds and juices from the tomato quarters, and put in the same bowl; mix well. Turn onto a piece of muslin, and tie tightly—this is your pectin bag.

Step 3:
Cut the tomato quarters into slices, mix with the lemon zest (and its cooking liquid), and turn into a large stainless steel saucepan. Measure the reserved lemon juice, and make up to 31⁄4 pints (1.8 liters) with cold water. Add this liquid to the pan, along with the pectin bag.

Step 4:
Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, until it thickens and the zest is soft. Remove the bag, squeezing all the juice into the pan. Add the sugar, stir well and simmer gently for 20–30 minutes until setting point has been reached (left). 5 Ladle into hot, sterilized jars with tight-fitting lids, seal straight away, and label.

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