Vegetable Salad/ Salatka z Jarzyn


Vegetable Salad/ Salatka z Jarzyn
White beans lend flavor and texture to this nutritious, great-tasting salad.You can use any kind of cooked white bean including navy, great northern, or small white.This salad is best when chilled in the refrigerator (covered) for at least one hour before serving.


        1 large potato; 2 carrots, peeled

        ½ lb. fresh or frozen green peas

        1 parsnip, peeled; 1 dill pickle, chopped

        1 tart apple, cored and chopped

        1 8-oz. can cooked white beans, drained

        ½  c. mayonnaise*

        1 tsp. Dijon-style mustard lettuce leaves

        1 or 2 hard-cooked eggs, cut into 4 wedges each (make 1 crosswise and 1 lengthwise cut in each).

*To reduce fat in this salad, try using low-fat or nonfat mayonnaise or replace the mayonnaise with plain yogurt.


Step 1:
Boil potato in skin about 20 minutes, or until tender but not mushy, then chill.

Step 2:
In three separate saucepans, boil carrots, peas, and parsnip until tender. If necessary, cut carrots and parsnip in half to fit in pans. Drain and chill. (Boil carrots about 15 minutes, parsnip about 10 minutes, and peas about 5 minutes, or according to directions on package.)

Step 3:
Chop carrots and parsnip into bitesized pieces. Peel and chop potato.

Step 4:
In a large bowl, mix cooked vegetables, apple, pickle, and canned beans with mayonnaise and mustard.

Step 5:
To serve, arrange salad on lettuce leaves on individual salad plates. Garnish with hard-cooked egg wedges.

Food: Vegetable Salad/ Salatka z Jarzyn

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