Zucchini and Corn/Calabacitas y Elote


Zucchini and Corn/Calabacitas y Elote
Yummy, healthy side dish with fresh sweet corn. Leftovers are delicious mixed with scrambled eggs, tacos, or add to your favorite potato soup.


        3 medium-sized zucchini

        ½ c. canned or frozen corn, cooked

        Salt and pepper to taste

        1 small tomato, cut into quarters

        ¼ c. grated cheddar cheese.


Step 1:
Wash zucchini and cut into ½-inch cubes.

Step 2:
Place zucchini in a saucepan with corn, salt, pepper, and tomato.

Step 3:
Cover the saucepan and simmer about 8 minutes, or until zucchini is tender. (Do not add any water. Juices from the zucchini and tomato will provide enough liquid for cooking.)

Step 4:
Top with grated cheese.

Food: Zucchini and Corn/Calabacitas y Elote

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